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Essentials of Volunteer Training for Adaptive Sports & Recreation (EVoTAS) is a Course

Essentials of Volunteer Training for Adaptive Sports & Recreation (EVoTAS)



Full course description

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Adaptive Sports and Recreation provides people with disabilities opportunities to exercise and participate in activities in their community. This course was developed through a grant from the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA is an agency in the United States that provides funding for both adaptive sports and recreation equipment as well as support to community-based programs to support veteran participation. Although community-based Adaptive Sports programs nationwide are typically managed by qualified personnel with expertise in this area, these events often depend upon and recruit volunteers and staff who do not have any prior formal training.

This 75-minute course covers the fundamentals of disability and basic awareness across a range of adaptive sports and recreation equipment for the non-healthcare professional. There are three independent sections, each 20-30 minutes in length. This course is taught at a beginner level, requires no prior experience, and is not intended to make course graduates experts in this field; rather, it provides some helpful information to volunteers prior to their engagement in adaptive sports and recreation activities and events. This course provides instructive examples using adult clients, but these concepts can often be applied to participants of all ages. 

Section 1: Disability Etiquette helps participants recognize common mistakes and will familiarize them with appropriate language and etiquette when interacting with people with disabilities.

Section 2: Adaptive Sports & Medical Equipment introduces participants to specific equipment that individuals will use in their everyday lives and when engaging in specific adaptive sporting events.

Section 3: Functional & Medical Aspects of Disability introduces basic medical concepts and functional considerations pertinent to people with disabilities who participate  in adaptive sports and recreation.

People who complete the EVoTAS course will receive a certificate of completion signifying that they have achieved a basic understanding of principles expected of an adaptive sports & recreation event volunteer. 

Learning Objectives

The purpose of this online training is to introduce and explore important information about people with disabilities. The concept ‘disability’ and other basic skills for interacting with people with disabilities will be explained.

At the conclusion of this online course, participants will have:

  • Increased awareness of  proper etiquette when interacting with people who have disabilities.
  • Basic knowledge of common Assistive Technologies and other devices people with disabilities use in everyday activities and for participation in adaptive sports and recreation.
  • Basic understanding of common functional and medical conditions that people who participate in adaptive sports and recreational activities may have.



The Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh received a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events (NVSP&SE), Funding Opportunity Number VA-SPORTS-19 to develop this online course.

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