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ATPrep 2023


$1,299 Enroll

Full course description

The ATPrep course is administered by the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology, Continuing Education (RSTCE). It is designed for anyone interested in learning more about Assistive Technology devices and processes. The ATPrep can also prepare interested individuals to sit for the RESNA ATP Exam, though the exam itself is not included in this course. 

The 2023 course offering runs from January to May, 2023. A majority of the content is presented online, including self-paced modules, case study assignments, and virtual, real-time recitations. After the online content has concluded, there is a one-time, face-to-face ‘Deep Dive’ workshop in Pittsburgh, PA. The Deep Dive allows students to put their knowledge to work in a real clinical setting with case studies and model clients. 

Course Units

The course is divided into 10 units, each two weeks in length. Each unit covers a different topic in assistive technology, which will be covered with online webinars, readings, and other content. Participants will also complete competency assignments including case studies, quizzes, and online discussions. In total, each unit contains about three hours of learning content on average. At the end of each unit, the material is reviewed via conference-call recitations where subject matter experts will answer questions and provide feedback on case studies.

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive event allows participants to apply their knowledge in real-time, executing lab activities and live case studies with model clients. This event is two-days long and gives participants the opportunity to interact with classmates face-to-face.

Course Cost

The course costs $1,299.00 to participate. This cost includes all required online material, the full online course, and Deep Dive attendance. It does not travel costs/housing for the Deep Dive. The full cost must be paid prior to the start of the course.

Credit Hours

Participants who complete the online modules will receive 3.2 CEUs with an additional 1.2 CEUs for the Deep Dive. Thus, participants who complete the entire course in full will receive 4.4 CEUs total. Two separate certificates are awarded for each part (the online modules and the Deep Dive). 

After registering for this course and creating a Pitt Professional account, participants can access the ATPrep course here: